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May 16, 2015

Dear Beach Family,

There are many extended opportunities as our school year winds to a close.  If you have a child in third, fourth or fifth grade we hope you are planning on attending our 2nd Annual Music and Fine Arts Festival at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.  What makes this event so special is it is truly a culmination and celebration of the musical and arts skills and talents that our students have honed over time.  It is not like a musical program that students learn new music and lines for over a brief period of time.  Mrs. Eberly and Mrs. Latsch have only brought all students collectively together one time prior to our Sunday celebration.  It is nothing short of amazing to see and hear their talents.   Hopefully you can join us on Sunday, the 17, to enjoy this show.  Students should be here at least 10 minutes prior to 2:00 p.m.

This coming week, May 20, 21 and 22, our fourth grade students go to Camp Pendalouan for their three day camping, learning and bonding experience.  The camp counselors have created lessons that teach skills from our Michigan Core Curriculum in a manner that is rich and experiential.  Students and faculty learn, grow, laugh and come back with stories that warm our hearts.  We are thankful to the many parents and teaching staff that give of their time to make this experience possible for our students.  Two parents volunteer to sleep in, and supervise, each cabin for the two night stay. 

This coming Friday, May 22, will be very busy for many of our students.  On Friday, our 5th grade students go to Pine Park and meet all the other district 5th graders.  They are put into teams that have students from the other elementary buildings and they engage in field day games.  Also on Friday our second and third grade students go to Lakeshore Museum.  The museum provides tours and lessons that enrich our students' learning.  Our second grade will also visit the Noah Project to see where their grade level donations are going.

Looking ahead to the last week in May all students and staff will have May 25 off as we observe Memorial Day.  On May 28, Mr. May will host the annual Beach Bash which is a celebration of great WAVE (We are responsible, Always respectful, Very safe and have Excellent attitudes) and games the students have learned throughout the school year. 

The final week of school, our 5th grade will go to Chicago for a study and celebration trip.  All district 5th graders enjoy this experience.  They will leave bright and early on Tuesday, June 2nd and return late that evening.  The last day of school will be Friday, June 5th.  School will begin at our normal time of 8:20 and dismiss at 11:53.  Our teachers will work on report cards in the afternoon. 

Enjoy the warm weekend and I hope to see you on Sunday at our Music and Fine Arts Festival.

Yours truly,

Julie VanBergen


Beach Elementary Principal



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