Bond Financial Description

November 8, 2016 Bond Issue Financial Details

The following items were approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury to be addressed through the 3.9 mill bond issue voters will consider on November 8, 2016. 

It is important to note that the bidding environment may impact the extent of work we are able to accomplish in the Middle School and our Elementary Schools.  For example, in 2010 Fruitport voters approved a bond issue for replacement and additions to district facilities.  At that time, the bidding environment was such that bids came in very low and we were able to expand the scope of what was accomplished. 

The following costs have been determined to anticipate the bidding environment in the coming years.  That said, if the bidding environment is tighter than anticipated, all of the work listed below for the Middle School and the Elementary Schools might not get done.  If the bidding environment is more favorable, we could look at adding things such as additional furniture and related items as was approved by the Department of Treasury.  The High School will be completely done per the scope approved by the Department of Treasury

Cost of the High School - $48,664,978

  • New 2-story structure to replace the 1950s portion of the high school
  • New science rooms and labs
  • New Robotics/STEM/wood shop area
  • New art room
  • New bathrooms and corridors
  • New media center
  • New kitchen and cafeteria
  • New classrooms and learning spaces
  • New athletic locker rooms
  • New auditorium
  • New parking lots and improved traffic flow
  • Remove portables and move tennis courts to the team competition location behind the Middle School

Cost of Beach Elementary - $320,393

  • Replace ceiling tile and some toilets
  • Replace selected sections of roofing
  • Replace toilet room exhaust fans
  • Replace domestic water piping
  • Install paved walks to bus loading
  • Install barrier-free routes to playground
  • Add student crosswalk at parent drive

Cost of Edgewood Elementary - $228,088

  • Replace boilers and associated pumps

Cost of Fruitport Middle School - $640,005

  • Replace elevator
  • Add ceiling fan to Auditorium
  • Replace carpet in select classrooms
  • Replace toilet room exhaust fans
  • Replace zone heating pumps
  • Replace auditorium and gym air handlers
  • Replace domestic piping

Cost of Shettler Elementary - $473,840

  • Add corridor walls to enclose classrooms
  • Replace doors
  • Add ceiling fans to gym and cafeteria
  • Remodel classroom finishes
  • Provide fans for improved airflow
  • Replace zone pumps
  • Replace domestic piping

Cost of Transportation

  • Cost of Busses - $270,000

Total Cost - $50,597,304