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A Letter from the Superintendent to the Trojan Nation

There is a great deal of excitement as we turn the corner on summer and prepare for the start of school on September 4.  Of note is the tremendous progress made on our high school bond project.  We will have a community open house a week or so after school starts (date yet to be determined) where the public can tour the new construction.  You will be amazed!

With the start of school come new things.  For example, last Monday night our Board of Education approved entering into an agreement with the Fruitport Township Police Department to create a School Resource Officer (SRO) position.  It is our hope that we have an officer on site for the beginning of school. 

While the SRO will play an important role in defending our students and staff from, God forbid, an active shooter, he will also serve many other functions.  They include building relationships and trust between our students and law enforcement, providing presentations on law enforcement matters to students and staff, help shore up all emergency procedures, and make home visits regarding such things as truancy.  We see this position as a vital link between our school district and the greater law enforcement community addressing all matters that pertain to the safety and security of our students and staff.

Another new position starting this fall is what we are calling our School-Based Community Resource Navigator.  The main function of this grant-funded position will be to work with families who need assistance “navigating” the human service agency world to get the help they need such as counseling support for a child, or parenting support when the child/parent dynamic is in crisis.  Another role of the Navigator will be to work with human service agencies and the faith community to identify and train volunteers to provide classroom support.  This is so our teachers can focus more on instruction and less on difficult student behaviors that seem to be more prevalent today than in recent years.

Opening day for all our employees is this coming Monday.  During the all-district opening meeting, our staff will participate in a couple of activities that I hope sets the stage for the coming year.  Our intention is to give staff a new perspective on relationship building with our students.  After all, it is through strong relationships between staff and students that we maximize student growth and wellbeing, which of course is our ultimate goal.

Don’t forget that Meet, Greet, and Find Your Seat will be Tuesday, August 28 from 4:30-6:00 p.m.

I am sensing a very positive vibe in our community and school district more so this year than ever before.  My hope is that we sustain that feeling throughout this school year making it one of our best ever!

Have a great year!!

Bob Szymoniak, Superintendent