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A Letter from the Superintendent to the Trojan Nation

November 1, 2016

Happy November!      

Just like the weather, which has been unseasonably warm, things at Fruitport Community Schools are hot!  Case in point: this being our first year in the OK Black Conference and our Volleyball team is Conference Co-Champs and ranked 9th; the Boy’s Cross Country team is Conference Champions and ranked 4th in Division 2.  Galloping up behind them was our Equestrian team who placed 8th at State Finals.  Additionally, our Marching Band took a first in a recent competition and will perform at State Finals under the direction of first year instructor, Tim Priest.  Congratulations to all!!

Things are also heating up in other areas with the middle school play, Charlotte’s Web later this week, and the high school production of, 16 in 10 or Less on November 17-18.  Our Robotics team is also gearing up for upcoming competitions and they are hosting a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble this Saturday beginning at 1:00 p.m.

So as you can see, our school district is a hub of activity and I haven’t even mentioned all the good work our teachers and staff are doing with our students to improve academic achievement.  This also includes our great volunteers who can be seen daily working one-on-one with our young students helping them improve their reading.  As you walk the halls and see these volunteers in action, it really drives home the fact that we are a true “community” school as our name, Fruitport Community Schools, implies.

With November also comes the November 8 election.  While the media has been full of national and state politics, there is an election closer to home that will impact not only our students and staff but our community as well.  That is our 3.9 mill bond proposal for a major renovation of the high school, prioritized work on other buildings, and the replacement of our oldest buses.

For the past few months, I have been sending you weekly emails containing information to educate you on this bond proposal.  By now I hope you are all well informed and prepared to make your voice heard through your vote.  As a reminder, what follows are major things this bond issue would address at the high school level:

Modern learning spaces designed to prepare students for their future.
Increased lab space for science, STEM, and Robotics programming.
A larger auditorium, appropriate for a district our size.
Safety and security built into the design of new construction.
Improved and safer parking and traffic flow at the high school.

In addition, the bond would impact our community making it a more attractive place to purchase a home or to land a business which would, in turn increase the overall district tax base.  Increasing the district tax base is good for the millage rate giving us a bigger bang per mill collected.  Ultimately, it is expected that this bond proposal could potentially help increase local property values.

Fruitport Community Schools is on a positive path.  Academic scores are up, our extracurricular programs are doing great, and our enrollment is beginning to stabilize which helps our budget.  With that, don’t forget to vote on November 8!


Bob Szymoniak, Superintendent