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A Letter from the Superintendent to the Trojan Nation

We are nearing the end of design work for the high school project.  This process began in January and focused on what was promised to the community through the bond campaign, and also on the needs of our high school staff.  Here are the final steps to this process:

  • Our construction manager will estimate the cost of what has been designed to this point.  Any needed design adjustments to bring the project on/under budget will be made at the April 11 Steering Committee meeting.
  • The Board will officially approve the design of the high school project at their regular Board meeting on April 17. 
  • A community presentation on the design of the high school project will be given at 7:00 p.m. on April 18 in the high school library. 

It is anticipated at this time that newly renovated art and engineering/drafting rooms will be ready for occupancy the fall of 2018 with occupancy into new classrooms occurring at some point in the 2019/20 school year.  So if your student might be in the high school to take art or engineering/drafting the fall of 2018, or will be enrolled in the high school the fall of 2019, you may want to attend this meeting to see what the building should look like upon completion.

While the design work was driven primarily by staff, community input will be taken at the April 18 presentation.  Should any good ideas emerge, they will be shared with the Board and may be considered as adjustments to the Board approved design.  That said, we are confident you will be pleased and impressed with the work done thus far.

As I have shared in the past, we plan to put this project out for bid in November 2017 with bids awarded in January/February 2018.  Construction begins in June 2018 with the entire project to be done by 2021.  

From the beginning of the bond campaign through to completion of this project, it has been and will be, a home-grown initiative.  For example, the chief architect helping us with the design of the high school project is a Fruitport graduate.  In addition, the site supervisor who will oversee construction of this project is also a Fruitport graduate.  So this project is Trojan Blue throughout.

This is an exciting time to be part of Fruitport Community Schools.  With two State of Michigan Reward Schools (FHS and Beach Elementary) and our remaining schools doing better every year, stabilization and projected growth of our student population as evidenced by the ground breaking of the Odeno residential development which is planning to build 300 homes in Fruitport, and this bond project, Fruitport is rapidly becoming the most desirable community on the lakeshore!  So with that, I hope you all have a wonderful spring break!

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob Szymoniak
Fruitport Community Schools