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  • Zach Zost Food Service (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Janna Bordeaux Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I was introduced to FCS in 1968 when I began kindergarten. My husband, our two children, and son-in-law also went to FCS.  We now have two grandchildren enrolled at Edgewood.

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  • Jessica Dykema Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I'm from the Fruitport area and always loved working with kids. I wanted to be a part of helping them grow.  I am very excited to be a part of the Fruitport school district, being active in my kids’ lives, and love being a member of this community.

  • Sandy Ferguson Food Service (231) 865-4100

    Being a lifelong resident of Fruitport Township, I am a 1975 graduate of Fruitport High School . I have been married to my husband , Bruce, for 32 years.  We have raised 2 children who were also graduates of Fruitport.  I have been employed in food service at Fruitport since December 1996 and am now Head Cook at the high school.  I enjoy all the students and staff there and I have an awesome group to work with in the kitchen.

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  • Jan Hulka Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I have lived in the Cloverville area my entire life.  I went to Fruitport from Kindergarten to 12th grade and I graduated in 1978.  Interesting fact about me: My grandfather, Dad, and I all had the same Kindergarten teacher... “Mrs. Helman.”  

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  • Kelly Rabach Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I have lived in the Fruitport area for 28 years and have been married to my husband Rob for 29 years; together we’ve raised three children who are all successful Fruitport graduates. I became involved in Fruitport Community Schools when my son started Kindergarten at Shettler Elementary 21 years ago. I became very active in the school district as a parent, served as President of the PTC, and have been an employee of Fruitport Food Service for 13 years. Two years ago I took the position of Head Cook at Shettler Elementary and currently serve as Lead Union Steward for Food Service.

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  • Maria Benkert Food Service (231) 865-4100

    Fruitport has been my home for 29 years with my husband, two daughters, and a son.  Two of my children have graduated from Fruitport High School, and my youngest will graduate in 2015.  I have worked in food service since 2010 at Edgewood Elementary.  Edgewood is also where all my children went.  I volunteered in their classrooms until they entered middle school.  I also was a substitute worker for the noon moms for about 2.5 years.  

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  • Amy Blackmer Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I grew up in Grand Rapids, I moved out to Fruitport, in 2002 when I started to work for Fruitport Foodservice.  I have enjoyed living in the community ever since!  

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  • Kathy Briggs Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I began working for Fruitport Schools in 1989 when my youngest child became enrolled in Kindergarten.  I have always worked at Edgewood Elementary and have especially enjoyed the many relationships that I have formed with students and staff throughout the years.

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  • Lynn Chittenden Food Service (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Lorri Fowler Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I have lived in Fruitport for over 29 years.  I have two children who graduated from Fruitport.  I have four grandkids, and one of my grandsons is a first grader at Beach Elementary.  I have worked for Fruitport Food Service for since 1991.  I enjoy my job because I love working with the children and I have some awesome coworkers!

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  • Mary Geldersma Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I am married with 6 kids, 14 grand kids, and 1 great grandchild.  When I'm not at work I like to read, be on the computer, and love to go camping when the weather permits.  I also like to ride behind my husband on our gold wing motorcycle.

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  • Rita Langlois Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I was born and raised in Grand Rapids.  Met and married my husband from Muskegon.  We have 4 children and 4 grandsons.  We moved to Fruitport when our youngest daughter was in 2nd grade.  I worked as a noon mom at Edgewood in 1999 for a short time. Then became a sub for food service in 2000. This worked out well for me as I was able to care for my Mom and go on field trips with my daughter.  I then started working for food service at the Middle school in 2008.  I also started working for the Shettler SAC program in 2010.

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  • Chris Lee Food Service (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Leslie Ralph Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I have had the pleasure of working for Fruitport Schools Food Service for 12 years. As with most of my associates, I have worked in nearly all positions in the department which leads me one of the things I like best about my job; diversity of responsibilities. Another aspect I truly enjoy is my great group of co-workers. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and fun! My current assignments are at Shettler Elementary working with Mary Keith and helping head cook Kelly Rabach, and the Middle School office assisting Kate Chowning with some of the clerical duties associated with Food Service.

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  • Julie Schultz Food Service (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Melissa Seelye Food Service (231) 865-4100

    My name is Melissa Seelye. I am a graduate of Fruitport and have been employed by Fruitport Schools since 1998. I joined Food Services in 2001. Currently, I work at both the Middle School and the High School, enjoying both the people that I work with and the children I have the privilege to serve.

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  • Sharon Wiegand Food Service (231) 865-4100

    I have been employed with Fruitport Food Service for 15 years  enjoy coming to work each and every day to prepare and serve food for the children.

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