Safety & Security

Safety & SecurityPicture of students holding a backpack

Keeping our children safe and secure while attending Fruitport Community Schools is of utmost importance for the district.

We know how important the safety and security of your children is to you and we focus throughout the year on keeping our students safe while attending school.  This page will provide specific information regarding safety & security.

Focus on Safety Week

The first week of October is always "Safety Week" for Fruitport Community Schools. During this week we practice many of the required safety drills including building evacuation. Look for more information coming from your child's building office.

Safety Drill Requirements

As of July 1, 2014, the school district is required to provide and document many safety drills throughout the year.  Districts must also document all completed drills on the district website.

The requirements now include:

  • (5) Fire drills per year, three of which must be done before 12/1
  • (2) Tornado safety drills, one of which must take place in March
  • (3) Lock-down drills, one must take place before 12/1 and after 1/1
Safety Drill Documentation 

Click the link below to view the documentation for that specific school year.

2021-22 School Year