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May 2021 Bond Issue Postcards

May 2021 Election Focus

April 6, 2021 Bond Update

We are beginning to wrap up work on the 2016 bond issue that generated $52 million, of which $48 million were dedicated to high school additions and renovations. 

This bond essentially gave us a mostly new high school for around two thirds of what a completely new building would have cost.  Note that the remaining $4 million of bond proceeds went to projects in all of our other buildings which are now complete. 

These projects included:

Moving the failing water pipes in the middle school from under the concrete floor to above the ceiling. 

Enclosing the open classroom area at Shettler Elementary,

Updated boilers, among other projects necessary to keep our antiquated buildings functional.

As for the high school project, COVID-19 has interrupted some supply chains and work schedules such that the project is lagging a little bit behind schedule.  That said, we are still on track to open the building to 100% occupancy by the start of school this fall. 

Right now contractors are putting finishing touches in the administrative offices, media center, and locker commons. 

Construction will take place over the summer to build the new gym locker rooms and the parking lot once final demolition of the remaining original structure is complete. 

Plan for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony around August 14.

January 4, 2021 Bond Update

We are in the final year of the 2016 bond issue that provided funds for major renovations and additions to the high school along with other projects in each of our district buildings.  To date, bond proceeds have paid for the following projects:

Beach Elementary

Edgewood Elementary

Updated boilers

Shettler Elementary

Built walls within the open classroom section of the building so that we have traditional classrooms.  This was to minimize distraction from elsewhere in the area that could impede student learning.

Fruitport Middle School

Replaced water pipes that ran under the floor with new water pipes above the ceiling tiles.  This was done because the old pipes under the floor were failing and causing flooding in parts of the school.  Water pipes above the ceiling tiles will support ease for maintenance should that be necessary.

Elevator replacement

Fruitport High School

New classrooms, the new kitchen , and new cafeteria opened for occupancy in January, 2020.

The new Performing Arts Center is nearly complete and will be ready for occupancy in August, 2021.

Two varsity locker rooms have been completed and have occupancy.

Relocated and renovated art and drafting/engineering classrooms were opened for occupancy January, 2020

The Robotics Lab was opened for occupancy December, 2020.

A new concession facility in the lobby to the gymnasiums is complete and ready for use.

The new choir room is nearing completion along with music storage and practice areas.

The 1998 addition to the high school which contains 10 classrooms was remodeled to house science classes.

The new wood shop area was opened for occupancy December, 2020.

Work continues on the office complex, media center, locker commons, and physical education locker rooms.


Two new tennis courts have been constructed which will allow for the district to better host tournaments.

A new ticket building was constructed at the south entrance to the Doc Pierce Stadium.

Demolition of the remaining old high school structure will occur late spring to early summer.  Once this demolition is complete, it will be replaced with a parking lot.

The entire high school project is expected to be complete in time for school, August of 2021.