• Greg Bodrie Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x1412

    My passion and success in the field can be directly attributed to the students and families I have had the privilege of working with over these many years. On most days I feel they have taught me more about this profession than any preparation program I ever attended. Their strength and will to succeed is truly inspirational!

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  • Holly Avery Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x1410
  • Amanda Krentz Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x1411

    I have a deep passion for students with disabilities, their families and the staff that work with them. My ultimate goal as a Special Education Supervisor is to develop strong relationships with each school community I have the opportunity to work with.

  • Julie Bosch Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5005 Read More
  • Carol Hackney Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x1455

    “What we learn becomes a part of who we are”. I believe in the importance of lifelong learning and continue to learn something new each day.

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  • Jamie Venema Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x1413

    There is nothing better than witnessing the spark when it ignites a passion for learning in a student. I first witnessed this igniting of a spark over twenty years ago while teaching swim lessons to children. They could enter the pool area afraid to even put their toes in the water and by the end of the session we had them jumping in and wanting more.

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  • Mary Dehaus Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5070 Read More
  • Janet Larson Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5098 Read More
  • Stacey Lindale Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5078

    Working with children is my true calling and I feel very fortunate to be a part of an awesome team here at Fruitport.

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  • Bob Cammenga Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5094

    "I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride....No matter what they take away from me, they can't take away my dignity....Learning to love yourself. It's the greatest love of all!"

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  • Lynda Chlopan Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5092

    I have been a physical therapist for thirty years and have worked in a variety of settings, but throughout all my experiences, I have always been drawn to working with kids.  I love working with children of all ages.  What fun and an honor to work with families and their babies in their homes.  I enjoy the enthusiasm of the preschool years through the early elementary years.  I love the sarcasm of the tween years and the maturity and life planning in the high school years.  I feel so privileged that I am one of the few staff members that experience every stage of development at work every week.  

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  • Sara Gorski Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5090

    "The body learns ten times faster than the brain and forgets ten times slower. If you want to change the brain, change the body." - Dr. Dave Richo

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  • Diane Jacobs Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100 x5093

    STRENGTH  doesn’t come from what you can’t do.  It comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought YOU COULDN’T.

    I am a believer in trying things before saying I can’t do something because all things are possible with a little hard work, and sometimes some modification. You never know if you can do something unless you try.

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  • Jane Wypa Eastern Service Unit (231) 865-4100

    Since the beginning of my career I wanted to work with children and fortunately was hired by Fruitport Schools in August of 2016.  I work with the ECSE preschool programs and last year was the most rewarding year of my career!

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