Staff Directory
  • Jeff Grossenbacher Technology Director of Technology

    One of the things I most enjoy about working at Fruitport Community Schools is designing Professional Development activities for the staff that will help them effectively integrate the use of technology into their classrooms.  The impact technology can have on the students and the depth of knowledge gained when utilized properly is simply immeasurable!  Oh, if we only had the technology resources we do now when I was in the classroom!

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  • Jim Laus Technology Network Technician

    I have been working with computers in some form since high school.  Always interested in gadgets, technology, and how things work, it was natural for me to move into a career working with computers and the various electronic devices of today.

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  • Mike McMullin Technology Lead Computer Technician

    Interested in technology from a young age, I would find myself getting lost inside video games.  It was then I started to wonder what it would take to create my own worlds that others could become lost in.  

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