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The Fruitport Middle School Counselor is Julie Kolbe. To refer a student or family for counseling services, use the link below.

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Families can use this screener to indicate needs that the school counselor can help with.


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Informed Consent for Electronic or Virtual

School Counseling Support

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, there are times throughout the 2020-2021 school year where school counseling support services may be provided through electronic means, such as email, Google classroom, text, phone call, or virtual platforms (including, but not limited to Google Chat/Hangout, Zoom, or other telemental health platforms). Although school counseling support is part of your child’s universal school services, additional informed consent to provide school counseling support through the electronic or virtual method(s) listed above is necessary. 

Please  understand that the school counselor will do the best of her ability to provide uninterrupted support when meeting student(s) and will make all attempts to limit distractions.  Understand that the school counselor cannot ensure or limit distractions in the homes of any participants, and is unable to prevent others in home from overhearing conversations in individual or group sessions. 

Please understand there are risks, benefits, and consequences associated with electronic or virtual school counseling support (telemental health support), including, but not limited to disruption of service due to difficulties with technology, interruption and/or breaches of confidentiality by unauthorized persons, and/or limited ability for the school counselor to respond in the event of an emergency or crisis. 

Please  understand that there will be no recording of any online sessions by either party (myself or the student). All information will be kept confidential, except where permitted by law (someone is being hurt or planning to hurt themselves or others).

This document is proof that the school counselor has provided parents/guardians/family with a description of the limits and legalities of virtual school counseling support.


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Check out my virtual office for resources and information.

Mrs. Kolbe's Virtual Office


A short video on the importance of teaching students social and emotional learning to increase school and life success...



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