Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common "Frequently Asked Questions" we receive in the office.  If these do not help you answer your questions, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

How Much Does Breakfast & Lunch Cost?

Elementary/Secondary Breakfast: $1.50
Elementary Lunch: $2.65
Secondary Lunch: $2.85
Milk only: $0.50

How do I Pay for My Child's School Lunch?

Fruitport Schools accepts cash and checks at each school in addition to offering an online payment option

How Does My Child Receive Just Milk?

A $ 0.50 charge will be deducted from the student's account. Students who qualify for free or reduced meal prices must take a full meal in order for milk to be free.

What if My Child is Purchasing Meals Without My Permission?

Meals charged by the student are the parent’s responsibility. We recommend that you talk with your student about how you would like them to use the account. However, if you do not want your child to have certain meals or a la carte items charged to his/her account, we can help monitor the student’s meal purchases. The account can be marked to alert the cashier of those limitations.

Please call the Food Service Office at (231) 865-4054 to set the guidelines on your student’s account.

Why Did I Receive a Letter Stating My Child's Lunch Balance is Low?

Research shows that children who are well fed learn better than students who are hungry.  The food service staff strives to feed a nutritious lunch to each day.

Please help us make the lunchroom a fun place for your child by keeping an adequate balance in their lunch account to cover the meals they purchase.  To help you ensure that your child has an adequate balance in their account, we will send home a “negative balance” letter bi-weekly and can set you up with low balance email reminders.

How Do I Know if My Child Has a Negative Balance?

There are several options to check on food service accounts. Parents can check with the food service cashier at the school or call the Food Service Office at (231) 865-4054 to check balances. Students are also given notes to take home or verbally informed when their accounts are getting low.

E-link is our online account system that allows parents to view student accounts from any computer. You can sign up for “E-link” by emailing us at:   Please include your student's name in the requesting email. It is your responsibility to regularly check your child’s account balance to ensure that they have money in the account. Your student’s account is not a charge account. Negative amounts must be paid in order for your student to continue getting school meals. Students with large negative balances may be offered an alternate meal instead of hot lunch.

What Do I Do if My Child Has Food Allergies?

All students with food allergies are required to have a medical form on file with the Food Service Department.  Please download and print the form HERE.  This form must be updated annually.

What happens if I bounce a check?

If we receive an insufficient funds notice from the bank, we are charged a $10 service fee.  This amount will be taken out of the corresponding student's account.