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  • Mark Mesbergen Fruitport Community Schools (231) 865-4100

    Education is exceptionally important as most jobs in today’s society require some sort of secondary education or technical training. Building that foundation is as important as it has ever been. Even though I do not work with students, it is my number one priority to make sure the students at Fruitport Community Schools get the best education possible. It is also my charge to ensure Fruitport Community Schools is a fiscally responsible district.

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  • Katie Shawl Fruitport Community Schools (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Jessica Wiseman Fruitport Community Schools (231) 865-4100

    I am passionate about the education system, so much so, that when I began college I had intended to go into teaching.  I soon found that business/finance was a better fit for me and promptly changed majors.  I feel as though I have found the best of both worlds at Fruitport, as I am using the skills that I have in a supporting role in the public school system.  

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