The frequently asked questions on this page pertain to all things district wide. If you still have a question after reading these, feel free to contact Maribeth Clarke at (231) 865-4100 x 1402

Does Fruitport Community Schools have a Strategic Plan?

During the summer of 2005, Fruitport Community Schools created the first strategic plan called Fruitport’s Commitment to Success (FCS I).  This plan was developed through feedback from the community, staff, and student body that culminated in a
document of goals designed to provide the district direction for the next three years. 

In 2008, FCS II was constructed and the strategic planning process continued.  Resulting from these two strategic plans were many district improvements including the passage of a bond issue for facility updates, emphasis on small class sizes, the creation of summer school and community enrichment programs, and the creation of the Fruitport Education Foundation.

With the conclusion of FCS II in the summer of 2011, feedback was again sought from district stakeholders to develop FCS III.  The design of this strategic plan celebrates a student-centered approach to district planning.  While the spirit of FCS III was maintained, the plan was revised in the fall of 2014 to better reflect the district-wide initiative to develop teacher Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  



How do I address concerns I have with my child's school or a district department?

Fruitport’s Superintendent’s Office, 231-865-4002, provides parents and the public with a way to communicate education-related concerns. Parents should contact the Superintendent’s Office when a concern has not been resolved at the school level but a formal complaint is not desirable. Community members may also contact the office with questions or concerns. Those who would like to meet in person should contact the Superintendent’s Office to schedule an appointment.

When and where are board meetings held?

The Fruitport Community School’s Board of Education meets monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Following is a list of regularly scheduled meeting dates and locations for the upcoming school year:

July 18, 2016, Board of Education Room
August 15, 2016, Board of Education Room
September 19, 2016, Fruitport High School
October 17, 2016, Board of Education Room
November 21, 2016, Beach Elementary School
December 19, 2016, Board of Education Room
January 16, 2017, Edgewood Elementary School
February 20, 2017, Board of Education Room
March 20, 2017, Shettler Elementary School
April 17, 2017, Board of Education Room
May 15, 2017, Fruitport Middle School
June 19, 2017, Board of Education Room

All Board Meeting Minutes are available on the Board of Education webpage.

When is the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-Step) administered?

The proficiency exam schedule set by the Michigan Dept. of Education can be found at http://www.michigan.gov/mde or you may contact your building principal for further details.

When is the School of Choice window?

Application for transfer may be requested by the resident or choice school district's central office between the 2nd Monday in April and the Friday before Memorial Day. Complete and return the form to the choice district by the Friday before Memorial Day, at 4:00 p.m. There is no guarantee that space will be available in the building selected. Parents will be notified of acceptance by the choice district by July 1st.