FCS Facilities Master Plan

FCS Master Plan

Fruitport Community Schools is planning for the future!  

As a result of much time, energy, and dedication to the future growth of our district, the Facilities Committee has come up with a long-term Master Plan for the district.


Fruitport Community Schools Facilities Master Plan

I. Overview

The school buildings within the Fruitport Community Schools district are antiquated and in need of replacement.  For example, the oldest building in the district is Beach Elementary which was built in the early 1940s and the youngest is the middle school which was completed in 1969.  Modern facilities would support the health, safety, and learning of students.

The district began the process of building replacement in 2016 with passage of a 3.9 mill, $52 million bond issue for major additions and renovations to the high school, along with work in all district buildings.  This bond issue put the district millage rate at 6.9 mills which is one of the lowest millage rates in west Michigan.

Given the growth of taxable value in our district, our financial advisor has helped us develop a plan that would ask voters to approve a zero mill increase bond issue every ten years to replace the next building.  We are also able to ask voters for a zero mill increase bond issue on May 4, 2021 that would generate $8 million to address important issues in advance of the 2026/27 bond issue request for the replacement of Edgewood Elementary.

So over the next 50 years the district can replace district buildings over time while also doing various timely upgrades throughout the district with no increase of taxes.

II. The Fruitport Community Schools Master Plan at a Glance

2016: 3.9 mill bond issue for high school project and other district needs.

2021: Zero mill bond issue for air conditioning and improved HVAC in all buildings, artificial turf in stadium, updated track facility, convert obsolete middle school pool into auxiliary gym, updates to water pipes, and purchase of buses, furniture, equipment, and band instruments.

2026: Zero mill bond issue to replace Edgewood Elementary.

2036: Zero mill bond issue to replace Beach Elementary.

2046: Zero mill bond issue to replace Shettler Elementary.

2056: Zero mill bond issue to replace Fruitport Middle School.

III. The Facilities Master Plan Timeline

This plan asks Fruitport voters to approve a zero mill increase bond issue every 10 years to replace the next antiquated building.  Within the next 40 years, each of the district’s buildings would be replaced with a more modern, healthy, energy efficient building with the latest improvements and developments to support student learning.

The tentative building replacement schedule is as follows:

  • Edgewood Elementary (1950s) replaced in 2026/27
  • Beach Elementary (1940s) replaced in 2036/37
  • Shettler Elementary (1960s) replaced in 2046/47
  • Fruitport Middle School (1960s) replaced in 2056/57


IV. May 4, 2021 Zero Mill Bond Issue Includes

  • Air Conditioning and Improved Air Quality

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of having proper air ventilation in our buildings to support the health of students and staff.  HVAC upgrades as proposed by this bond issue would help in that regard.  This bond issue would also afford much needed air conditioning in each building which could open the door to such things as the potential for year round school.

  • Artificial Turf and Track Upgrades

When Edgewood Elementary is replaced in 2026/27, it would be built upon the green space immediately to the south of the current building.  This green space has been used by both sports and our marching band as a practice area.  As such, a new location would need to be established for these practice facilities. 

Currently the Doctor Robert Pierce Stadium has natural turf and can only be used once or twice a week by sports teams or the marching band.  More use than that would destroy the turf.  Therefore, our plan is to replace the natural turf with artificial turf.  With artificial turf, our sports teams and marching band could use the stadium every day for both practice and competition.  Artificial turf would also allow community organized youth teams to play on this field, and allow our marching band program to host competitions. 

  • Repurposing Middle School Pool Area into an Auxiliary Gym

The middle school pool is over 50 years old and has reached the end of its lifespan.  It is in disrepair and bringing the pool up to usable standards would be cost prohibitive.  Even if we did repair the pool, it is very old and could still fail even after a major financial investment.  Therefore, this bond issue would repurpose that space into an auxiliary gym.  This gym would have community access and help with the shortage of gym space for our many youth teams who have a challenge finding necessary gym space for practice and games during their season.

  • Other Items Addressed by the May 4, 2021 Zero Mill Bond Issue
    1. Our older buildings have galvanized iron water pipes that run under the floors. These pipes are beginning to fail causing significant problems including flooding of parts of the building. This bond would replace those pipes and move them above the ceiling for ease of maintenance.
    2. Currently our handicap parking at the Doctor Robert Pierce Stadium is on grass.  This bond would afford paving that space.
    3. Purchase of school buses.
    4. Building of a storage shed at the tennis court complex.
    5. This bond would also afford the purchase of instructional technology, furniture and equipment, and band instruments.