Early Childhood Center Staff
  • Jane Andree Head Start Assistant Teacher (231) 865-4100

    Working with young children has been my passion since I was a little girl. My journey at Fruitport Schools began in 2007. I absolutely love working with three and four year olds! They are just so unpredictable and a lot of fun. Being a part of their very first school experience and creating a lasting impact in children's lives as they adapt to being away from their parents while beginning their school career is incredibly rewarding. I love that I have been able to keep in contact with many former students and their families and hear about their achievements.

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  • Deanna Belasco GSRP Assistant Teacher (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Pam Bergey Administration Director of Early Childhood Center (231) 865-4100

    My favorite part of being the director of the Fruitport Early Childhood Center is the relationships that I build with the children, their families and the staff.  I am blessed to work with a dedicated staff whose first priority is the well being of the children they care for.  

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  • Kailee Bringedahl ECC Assistant Teacher (231) 865-4100

    I've lived in Fruitport all of my life, attended school here, and love the small-town atmosphere the community provides.

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  • Andrea Bunker GSRP/Head Start Assistant Instructional Support (231) 865-4100

    Preschool sets a foundation for a child's experience in school. I hope I have had a great impact on my young students and their families. It has been a true blessing to have served children and their families since 2002.

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  • Rebecca Darke Head Start Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    I love coming to explore and learn with my preschoolers during the day. Seeing their energy and excitement puts a new perspective on almost everything. When I'm not working with my kiddos at school, I get to play with my two kiddos at home. I also enjoy reading and cooking.

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  • Stephanie Detamore ECC Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    I was born in Muskegon and lived here my whole life.  I graduated from Mona Shores.  I attended Muskegon Community College and studied Early Childhood.  I started working for Fruitport Schools in January of 2001 in the SAC program at Shettler School. In August of 2001 I moved to the Early Childhood Center to the Toddler 2 room and worked as an assistant.  In February of 2014 I furthered my education in Early Childhood and took over as the lead teacher of the Toddler 2 Room.  I love my job with the little people and find my job very rewarding.

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  • Olivia Dupont ECC Aide Instructional Support (231) 865-4100

     Watching the children's personalities bloom and develop is something I truly cherish.

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  • Kayla Durden ECC Aide Staff (231) 865-4100

    I could not ask for a better job and work atmosphere. I believe very strongly that without the right learning foundations it can be difficult for students to succeed, which is why my role at the Early Childhood Center is so important to me.

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  • Melissa Eyestone ECC Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    Our children are our future.  What a great job to have in helping them grow and explore! I love to sit on the floor and see things at their eye level.  What a different world it is! The joy in seeing a young face light up with newly learned knowledge is a great feeling.

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  • Christine Gilbert ECC Aide Instructional Support (231) 865-4100

     I choose Fruitport to work because I am proud of the school system and I had heard good things about the ECC program.

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  • Kimmy Hackney GSRP/Head Start HS/GSRP Float (231) 865-4100

    I have worked for Fruitport Community Schools since 2000. I have held many different positions in the Early Childhood Center. I have worked as an assistant in most of the ECC classrooms and as a lead teacher for both Edgewood and Shettler SAC.

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  • Taylor Hanson ECC Aide Staff (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Kelly Holmstrom ECC Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    One of the things I love to do is work with children helping them build their stepping stones to a good education and future. I enjoy watching them grow.

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  • Bethany Holtrop GSRP Assistant Instructional Support (231) 865-4100

    I have been an assistant teacher in the GSRP program since 2005.  I got my associate degree from Baker College.  I enjoy being part of the children's first exposure to school.

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  • Caroline Miles ECC Aide Instructional Support (231) 865-4100

    I've been an assistant teacher in the Preschool Room at the Early Childhood Center since September 2014. I work in the afternoons and really enjoy reading stories to the children and playing outside with them.

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  • Dani Morgan ECC Aide Staff (231) 865-4100

    I enjoy working with children because to me, they represent the future. I like knowing that I am making a difference in their childhood. I also like that I can give parents the peace of mind that their children are well cared for in their absence. 

  • Justine Morgan ECC Aide Staff (231) 865-4100

    I enjoy working with children because children see things from a different perspective.  I get to be creative with them and we get to play! I like knowing that even for the little time I am with these children I am making a difference in their lives. 

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  • Kendra Peabody ECC Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    I love what I do and I love the families I work with. These kiddos make me want to get up in the morning and go to work. I think I learn as much from them as they do from me!

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  • Stephanie Prout ECC Aide Staff (231) 865-4100

    I have lived in Muskegon for 7 years. I worked in a daycare/preschool setting atmosphere since 2006 in Gaylord, Michigan.

  • Christine Rausch GSRP Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    Teaching has always been a passion of mine.  The enjoyment that each child brings as we share in our various learning experiences brings fun and adventure to each day.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping children develop a love for learning!

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  • Susan Rose ECC Aide Instructional Support (231) 865-4100

    Whatever the venue, the "littles" have always have always been my favorite age to care for, but I have guided those babies into school years as well.

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  • Stephanie Shermeta ECC Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    What I love most about working in the education field is having the opportunity to see them learn and grow each day. It’s amazing to see them come into our center as small babies and leave big kids ready to start kindergarten. The little accomplishments they achieve are what make every day I am with them so special.

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  • Andria Swiatek ECC Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100

    I really enjoy my job, and I am eager to help all of these little ones get the most out of their time with us.  I believe that the first three years of a child's life are the most important for soaking up information, and I want to do everything I can to fill those little sponges with words, actions, and most of all love!

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  • Deanna TenBrock Office Staff Administrative Assistant (231) 865-4100

    I was an associate teacher for 10 years before changing gears and taking the position as the Administrative Assistant at the Early Childhood Center and I've never been happier!

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  • Hannah Torrenga ECC Aide Staff (231) 865-4100

    I enjoy working with children because no two days are the same, especially at this age. It is rewarding to watch children develop their talents knowing that I was there to help them along the way. 

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  • Jill Torvinen Administration Director of Head Start & GSRP (231) 865-4100

    I feel a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that the programs I have worked in can positively impact so many lives.

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  • Amy Wiggins GSRP/Head Start Lead Teacher (231) 865-4100 Read More
  • Ashley Williams ECC Aide Staff (231) 865-4100

    I love working in early childhood because of the joy and fun that children bring. I view working with children as an amazing opportunity to have a positive impact on their early stages of life.

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