Post Graduation Information

By no later than October 1 each year, the Board of Education shall ensure that the Superintendent provides, in electronic or non-electronic form, the informational packet made available to the school by the Department of Education to each pupil enrolled in grades 8 to 12. The informational packet may consist of a collection of links to web-based exploratory programs or written material shared in electronic form.

Post Graduation Informational Packet

Fruitport Community Schools is excited to share tools that can help your child plan for their future after high school graduation. Click on the links below as a part of the informational packet provided to you by the District:

  • Pathfinder is an online resource in Michigan that provides information about in-demand and sought-after careers, along with the credits and/or certifications that are needed to achieve them.
  • Xello is an online platform that helps your child explore careers and track their progress in skills that line up with their career interests.  Click on this link and log in to your child's account to begin exploring post graduation options.

In addition to these resources, the District has a world-class counseling department with incredible counselors who love serving students. They would be eager to meet with your child to help them map out their post-high school journey. Click on the links below to learn more about the services provided by our counseling departments.

With our students already receiving an excellent education, these tools complement our efforts to prepare them for impactful work post-graduation! Information contained in these links meets the requirement of MCL 380.1293.