Parents & Students

"Empowering Individuals to Positively Impact Their World"

That is the Mission Statement for Fruitport Community Schools, but what does that really mean? We believe it means that from the time a student enters our hallways in Kindergarten to the time they walk across the stage to receive their diploma, we all work together as a dedicated team of parents, students, and school community to ensure that a graduate of Fruitport Community Schools has all of the knowledge and tools necessary to not only succeed in life but leave a lasting legacy.

The following are some tips that both parents and students can use to aid in this process.

Picture of various parentsParents:

Communicate with your child's teachers and the school

Make it a point to contact your child's teacher often. Don't wait until Parent/Teacher Conference to see what is happing in class.  Talk to them about ways you can be involved in your child's education.  Touch base with the building principal, find out about any building goals for the year so you can help with those goals at home when the opportunity presents itself.  If you don't know how to contact them, check the staff directory on the website.

Create a Parent Portal account and continually monitor grades and attendance

This is a great way to ensure your child is keeping current with their assignments. Check it together, and make sure they know you are interested in their progress.  If you don't have a computer or device at home you can use, check the local library or contact the building principal to see if there is a time you can check this information at school.

Prepare a "Study" location at home

Create a special location for your child to study and complete homework.  Remove distractions.  Make sure they understand that your family values education and that it is important.  Take the time to show interest and help them when you are able. Praise their accomplishments!


Picture of students in hallwayStudents:

Get Organized

This may seem like a no-brainer, but organizational skills are key to success.  Know when assignments are due when tests are coming, and make it a point to be ready. Use your Google calendar, you all have one.  If available, visit the teacher's website for important dates and other information.  Look at your weekly schedule and plan your homework and study time accordingly.

Be Here

This tip is not just about attendance, although, studies have shown that attendance has a direct correlation to grades.  It's very difficult to make-up lost learning time. This also means be engaged and take an active role in your education.   You're already here in attendance, so be sure to "Be Here" every day.  

Figure Out How You Learn Best

We are all individuals and learn in different ways.  Some people learn best by listening, some by writing, and some by doing.  Find out which way you learn best, then build your study habits/skills around that process. You will be amazed at the result!