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Our mission in the Fruitport High School Guidance Office is to provide students and parents with the resources and support needed for making educational and personal decisions and to help facilitate school success through one-on-one and classroom contact.    


We offer a safe place, where students have an opportunity to discuss, explore and evaluate their abilities, needs, difficulties and hopes with someone who cares and can help.  We offer parents an opportunity to identify and explore their concerns for their children in a professional and confidential setting.  We offer FHS staff help in understanding the obstacles some of our students face in being successful.

Some of the Guidance Office activities throughout the year include:

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons at all grade levels.
  • Financial Aid Night for parents of seniors.
  • Junior Parent Night.
  • Individual planning appointments for all juniors and their parents.
  • Yearly review and update of students' Educational Development Plans.
  • Student scheduling.
  • Eighth Grade Orientation Night.
  • Short-term individual counseling.
  • Referral information.
  • Scholarship Information


Equal educational and extracurricular opportunities are available to all students without regard to race, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, age, religious beliefs, disability, status as homeless, or actual or potential marital or parental status, including pregnancy. No student shall, based on sex or sexual orientation, be denied equal access to programs, activities, services, or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage, or denied equal access to educational and extracurricular programs and activities.

College Information

Michigan's Public Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Central Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University
Ferris State University
Grand Valley State University
Lake Superior State University
Michigan State University
Michigan Technological University
Northern Michigan University
Oakland University
Saginaw Valley State University
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
University of Michigan - Dearborn
University of Michigan - Flint
Wayne State University
Western Michigan University

Michigan's Private Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Adrian College
Albion College
Alma College
Andrews University
Aquinas College - MI
Baker College
Calvin College
College for Creative Studies - College of Art
Cleary College
Concordia University (Ann Arbor)
Cornerstone College
Davenport University
Finlandia University
Grace Bible College
Great Lakes Christian College
Great Lakes Junior College
Hillsdale College
Hope College
Kalamazoo College
Kendall College of Art and Design
Kettering University
Kuyper College
Lawrence Technological University
Madonna University
Marygrove College
Northwood University
Olivet College
Rochester College
Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Siena Heights University
Spring Arbor University
University of Detroit Mercy
Walsh College

Michigan's Community Colleges
Alpena Community College
Bay College
Bay Mills Community College
Charles Stewart Mott Community College
Delta College
Glen Oaks Community College
Gogebic Community College
Grand Rapids Community College
Great Lakes Maritime Academy
Henry Ford College
Jackson College
Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Kellogg Community College
Kirtland Community College
Lake Michigan College
Lansing Community College
Macomb Community College
Mid Michigan Community College
Monroe County Community College
Montcalm Community College
Muskegon Community College
North Central Michigan College
Northwestern Michigan College
Oakland Community College
St. Clair County Community College 
Schoolcraft College
Southwestern Michigan College 
Washtenaw Community College
Wayne County Community College
West Shore Community College

Course Request Protocol

Course Request Protocol

Requests are considered based on the following criteria: 

  • to correct deficiencies
  • to adjust for dual enrollment
  • to correct an error in placement
  • to correct obvious errors in scheduling 

Schedule Adjustments Protocol: 

All adjustments are completed during the first week of the semester. No exceptions. 

Early College Information

Interested in attending college early? Check out the information below. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Riley.

Here is the brochure

PDF DocumentEarly College Brochure.

FHS Classes

FHS Classes

At Fruitport High School we strive to maintain a strong balance of required and elective courses. Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available in our core courses to challenge any of our students.

Elective courses consist of either career preparation or fine arts. In the category of career preparation, we offer courses in business and industrial technology.

Our fine arts department offers students the opportunities to study choir, dance, music, ceramics, photography, drawing, and painting. The department pages provide descriptions of these classes when they can be taken, and what prerequisites are needed to take the class. 

If you are in CTC and want to know which classes offer credit click here.

Click on the link below to find course descriptions. 












CTC CLASSES with academic credit

Graduation Requirements

Fruitport High School Graduation Requirements (22 credits)

English Language Arts ( ELA) - 4 credits 

English 9

English 10 

English 11

English 12 


Mathematics - 4 credits 



Algebra II 

Math - all students must take a Senior math


Social Studies - 3 credits 

World History

U.S. History 

Government/ Economics 


Physical Education & Health - 1 credit 

Health 0.5 credit

Physical Education 0.5 credit 

*waiver given if completed 3 seasons of Marching Band  


Science- 3 credits 


Chemistry / Physics 

one additional science 


Visual, Performing and Applied Arts - 1 credit 


World Language- 2 credits 

* or equivalent experience 


Electives - 4 credits 

NCAA information

Online Registration

How to schedule your class: 

1- Complete the "worksheet to schedule." This will assist you in the courses you need. Then explore the courses offered. Click on "FHS Classes." 

2 - Discuss course options with parents, counselors, and teachers 

3 - Click “register now.” 


8th grade worksheet to schedule for 9th grade 

9th grade worksheet to schedule for 10th grade 

10th grade worksheet to schedule for 11th grade 

11th grade worksheet to schedule for 12th grade 

To receive a hard copy of this please stop by the counseling office. Otherwise please click on the "Scheduling Worksheet" tab to download and print the worksheet. 

Deadlines for student selections online registration is 2/28/2019.

Pathways and Career Clusters

Pathways and Career Clusters

Career Pathways are careers that are grouped together because many of the people in them share similar interests and strengths. All pathways include a variety of occupations that require different levels of education and training. Selecting a Career Pathway provides a focus into which one can begin directing energies and determining a tentative career “fit” though it is always acceptable to change one’s mind. By identifying with a pathway students are aided in selecting courses, extra-curricular activities, and part-time employment. Career Pathways provide a plan for all students regardless of their interests, abilities, talents, or desired levels of education. All pathways have equal dignity. The following six (6) Career Pathways have been developed by the state of Michigan.

The U.S. Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) has identified 16 career clusters representing career opportunities for the 21st-century economy. These clusters will frame student opportunities as they pursue postsecondary education and a wide range of career opportunities from front-line to professional and managerial careers.


Arts and Communication 
Careers in this path are related to the humanities and performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These include architecture; graphic, interior, and fashion design; writing; film; fine arts; journalism; languages; media; advertising; and public relations. 

• Are you a creative thinker? 

• Are you imaginative, innovative, and original? 

• Do you like to communicate ideas? 

• Do you like making crafts, drawing, playing a musical instrument, taking photos, or writing stories?

Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology 
Careers in this path are related to the business environment. These include entrepreneur, sales, marketing, computer/information systems, finance, accounting, personnel, economics, and management. 

• Do you enjoy being a leader, organizing people, planning activities, and talking? 

• Do you like to work with numbers or ideas? 

• Do you enjoy carrying through with an idea and seeing the end product? 

• Do you like things neat and orderly? 

• Would you enjoy balancing a checkbook, following the stock market, holding an office in a club, or surfing the Internet? 

Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology 
Careers in this path are related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, and maintain physical systems. These include engineering, manufacturing, construction, service, and related technologies. 

• Are you mechanically inclined and practical? 

• Do you like reading diagrams and blueprints, and drawing building structures? 

• Are you curious about how things work? 

• Would you enjoy painting a house, repairing cars, wiring electrical circuits, or working with woodworking?

Health Sciences 
Careers in this path are related to the promotion of health and treatment of disease. These include research, prevention, treatment, and related health technologies. 

• Do you like to care for people or animals that are sick or help them stay well? 

• Are you interested in diseases and in how the body works? 

• Do you enjoy reading about science and medicine? 

• Would it be fun to learn first aid or volunteer at a hospital or veterinary clinic?

Human Services 
Careers in this path are related to economic, political, and social systems. These include education, government, law and law enforcement, leisure and recreation, military, religion, childcare, social services, and personal services. 

• Are you friendly, open, understanding, and cooperative? 

• Do you like to work with people to solve problems? 

• Is it important to you to do something that makes things better for other people? 

• Do you like to help friends with family problems? 

• Do you like reading, storytelling, traveling, or tutoring young children? 

Natural Resources and Agriscience 
Careers in this path are related to agriculture, the environment, and natural resources. These include agricultural sciences, earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, and wildlife. 

• Are you a nature lover? 

• Are you practical, curious about the physical world, and interested in plants and animals? 

• Do you enjoy hunting and fishing? 

• Do you like to garden or mow the lawn? 

• Are you interested in protecting the environment?

* All the information on this page was created by Muskegon Career Tech Center. For more information on Career Pathways and Career Clusters click here.

Career Cruising is a Web-based career guide that is available to all Fruitport High School students.  Through classroom guidance lessons in Middle School and in High School, FHS students learn the many features of Career Cruising and how to complete an Educational Development Plan (EDP). 

Ours is a fast-changing world, with a multitude of career options.  Many of the jobs of today did not exist ten years ago, and this trend will continue.  Students need a good understanding of their career options and information on how to achieve their career goals.  Career Cruising is designed for individual, self-directed use.  It's easy and fun to use and provides career matching, career exploration, post-secondary education planning and EDP development. 

We encourage all students to spend extra time using this program at home.  While formal instruction is provided to freshmen and sophomores, we require that juniors and seniors update their EDP on their own.  Juniors should update prior to their individual Junior Counseling Appointment in February and seniors by January of senior year.    

Fruitport High School students can access Career Cruising by visiting the website below.

External LinkCareer Cruising website

Below are Career Cruising Instructions. 

PDF DocumentCareer Cruising instructions

Please contact your student's counselor with any questions about the use of Career Cruising.

Personal Curriculum

The Personal Curriculum (PC) is a process to modify specific credit requirements and/or content expectations based on the individual learning needs of a student. It is designed to serve students who want to accelerate or go beyond the MMC requirements and students who need to individualize learning requirements to meet the MMC requirements.

Please contact your student's guidance counselor for more information.  

Mrs. Riley (last names A-K)  

Mrs. LeClaire (last names L-Z)

CLICK HERE TO PRINT A FORM - General Education Students 

CLICK HERE TO PRINT A FORM - Special Education Students 



Schedule an Appointment

Schedule An Appointment

If you are interested in meeting with the counselor please click here to make an appointment. 

* The counselor will meet with each student based on need and time provided. The counselor will meet with the student as soon as possible. Please be patient. Without filling out this form, you will not be able to schedule an appointment with the counselor. 

Test Out Policy

Test-Out Policy

Any high school student who wishes to receive credit in a course which s/he is not enrolled may do so by taking the final examination for the course and receiving a grade determined by the assessment used in lieu of a final examination. 

Credit for a course earned by a student through this process may be used to fulfill a course or course-sequence requirement but not used to determine the student’s GPA. The student may not receive credit for a course in the same area but lower in the course sequence. 

Application for this is required by May 1 st in the School Counseling office. 

High school credit shall be granted in any course to a student enrolled in high school but not enrolled in the course who exhibits a reasonable level of mastery of the course's subject matter as outlined below: 

  1. The student will be granted high school credit by attaining a grade of not less than C+ in the final examination in the course. 
    1. A final examination is a comprehensive examination, which addresses all components of the course curriculum. 
    2. A non-comprehensive examination that is offered during the time set aside for final examinations is not considered a "final examination" for purposes of obtaining credit through the testing process. 
    3. No final examination will be created solely for the purpose of providing a student with an opportunity to test out of the course. 
  2. If there is no final examination in the course, the student will be granted high school credit by exhibiting that mastery through the basic assessment used in the course, which may consist of a portfolio, performance, paper, project, or presentation. 
    1. The course teacher, department chairperson and/or building principal will determine the assessment criteria to determine if the student has exhibited a reasonable level of mastery of the course's subject matter. 
    2. A student is eligible to demonstrate mastery of the course's subject matter at the same time that students currently enrolled in the course are required to demonstrate their mastery of the course's subject matter. 
  3. Credit earned under this policy section shall be based on a "pass" grade and shall not be included in the computation of the student's grade point average for any purpose.
  4. Credit earned under this policy section shall apply equally to all students and may be counted toward graduation. 
  5. Credit earned under this policy section shall be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement for a subject area course. 
  6. Credit earned under this policy shall be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement as to course sequence. 
  7. Once credit is earned under this policy section, a student may not receive credit thereafter for a course lower in course sequence concerning the same subject area. The Superintendent shall grant a high school student credit in any foreign language not offered by the District providing s/he meets the competency criteria established.


Transcript Request

FCS has chosen Parchment for all transcript requests.  Send your official transcript anywhere in the world with just a few clicks!

Students, parents, and alumni can use Parchment, the leader in eTranscript exchange, to send high school transcripts electronically, securely and confidentially, all with real-time tracking.

To order your transcript, click the big ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPT banner below.  The first thing you'll do is create an account, then you'll place your order, and then you can track your order 24/7.


FHS Counselors

Denise Leclaire
Fruitport High School
(231) 865-4100 x2042
Pam Riley
Fruitport High School
(231) 865-4100 x2044

Pam Riley - Students A-K

Denise LeClaire - Students L-Z

Please contact us if you have questions about any of our services or would like to discuss your student.