PS Grade Upload

Upload Grades from Classroom to PowerTeacher

This webpage should be used from Chrome. It may not work in other browsers.

This webpage will convert the downloaded .csv from Google Classroom into a format that can be imported into PowerTeacher. Google Classroom has some information about the students (first name, last name, email, grade, assignment state, and comments). To import into PowerSchool we need just student id and grade. This script will grab the student id from the email field and format the grade for importing into PowerTeacher.

  1. Save .csv from Google Classroom
  2. Click "Choose File" and pick the file from step 1
  3. Double check information on screen
  4. Click "Save PowerTeacher File" and save the file
  5. Create an assignment in PowerTeacher with the same points as the Google Classroom assignment
  6. Right click the assignment header and choose "Import Scores"
  7. Choose the file saved from step 4
  8. Make sure CSV is selected in Format
  9. Make sure "Include First Row" and "Validate Student Names" are unchecked
  10. If given "Invalid File" error (this is a bug in PowerTeacher)
    • Press back
    • Check "Include First Row"
    • Uncheck "Include First Row"
    • Press Next again
  11. It should show how many scores will be updated. Press "Import".