Technology and Security Enhancement Millage

       Technology and Security Millage

On February 25, 2014, voters in Muskegon County approved a one-mill property tax increase to improve technology and security within Muskegon County’s public schools. The Technology & Security Enhancement Millage was the first of its kind in Muskegon County, and while funds have flowed through the MAISD, school leaders and elected school boards of education have had complete control and oversight of their expenditures. Some examples of the expenditures that were funded with proceeds from this enhancement millage in Fruitport Community Schools are outlined below:

  • Construction of safe and secure single point of entry vestibules at each school with audio and video supported buzzer access; 
  • Security camera additions and upgrades at each school in the District;
  • Purchased Chromebooks and developed a replacement cycle; Purchased staff computers and learning devices;
  • Updated and improved the wireless network infrastructure of the District;
  • Purchased and installed a new district-wide server and a storage area network (SAN) ensuring future growth and stability of the District’s network backbone;
  • Replaced old and outdated network switches with POE switches powering both the wireless access points and telephone system districtwide;
  • Replaced the District’s phone system with a VoIP based Mitel system in conjunction with the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District;
  • Purchased and installed classroom amplification systems;
  • Purchased and replaced classroom audio-visual projectors and equipment;
  • Purchased over 2,000 licenses for GoGuardian, a tool that allows teachers to manage and enhance learning, while providing a second level of internet filtering on school owned devices; purchased license renewals;
  • Purchased various software licenses and programs for student and staff use; expanded training, support, and provided professional development activities attended for teachers and staff;

Fruitport Community Schools is very fortunate to continue to benefit from this funding source. The District has worked hard to be good stewards of this revenue, while investing in a manner that continually allows us to improve the safety and security of our schools, as well as relevant learning experiences that prepare children for lives filled with technological innovation. Thank you for your support of Fruitport Community Schools!

To learn more about how the Technology and Security Enhancement Millage has been a benefit to Fruitport Community Schools, click on the expandable text box below:

In an effort to be transparent to constituents, the District has provided the following Technology and Security 4 Students Accountability Reports, which provides a summary of expenditures relating to this revenue in all public schools in Muskegon County:

The eleven (11) Boards of Education from Muskegon County school districts have unanimously asked the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District to renew the Regional Enhancement Millage on May 2, 2023. For more information pertaining to the renewal request, please click on the expandable text boxes below:

February 9, 2023

Ben Kalb, Director of Communication, (720) 899-1529 or

Re: Technology and Security Millage Renewal

Muskegon County, MI - The eleven Boards of Education from Muskegon County school districts have unanimously asked the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District to renew the Regional Enhancement Millage on May 2, 2023.

In 2014, Muskegon County voters approved a one-mill increase to support school safety and technology. This millage provides local school districts with the funds to improve their facilities. Districts have the flexibility to decide how to allocate the funds to best meet their individual needs. Some have installed security cameras, others have hired School Resource Officers, and others have modernized their classroom technology and improved building security. Details for how each district has spent these funds can be found in annual accountability reports on each district's website. 

“As voters consider renewing this millage, I’d encourage them to read the accountability reports and see exactly how districts used these funds to upgrade security and technology,” said Matt Cortez, Superintendent for Muskegon Public Schools.

“The partnerships between schools and local law enforcement have increased because of this millage,” said Michael Poulin, Muskegon County Sheriff. 

“The funds from the 2014 millage have allowed us to make significant investments in infrastructure that support the safety and security of our students,” said Bill O’Brien, Superintendent of Mona Shores Public Schools. “According to research, digital literacy is one of the most sought-after skills for future careers. The 2014 millage has allowed us to provide students with access to technology enabling them to develop this critical competency.” By law, an Intermediate School District is the only entity able to request or renew a county-wide millage on behalf of local school districts and must distribute the money to the school districts based on student enrollment.

To access or print a pdf copy of the official press release, please click on the link below:

For answers to frequently asked questions about the May 2023 renewal request, please visit the webpage at the link below: