Informational Videos

Informational Videos

All the videos and resources posted here are created for Fruitport High School students and staff. These videos are meant to help support students academically and social emotionally. These are not professionally edited videos and may not be shared outside Fruitport Community Schools with out permission from the School Counseling staff. The dates listed next to the video are the dates the information was shared with the students. 



Video DocumentUnderstanding the Graduation Progress Tab  9/1/19
Video Document How to Schedule an Appointment 9/1/19

 Online Registration 2/1/19

A Student's Guide to Learning from Home 9/8/21

Email Etiquette 101 10/20/21

How to learn from home: explaining what to do while quarantined, sick, or fully virtual 11/12/2020

Course Registration School Year 2021-2022 2/8/2021

Goal Setting 5/5/21

7 Things to do to continue learning this summer 5/26/21

Exam Study Tips 6/2/21



Xello Assignment for all students - COMPLETING THE EDP  9/31/20

How to order your transcript through Parchment 9/1/20

7Career Planning EDP- Educataional Development Plan  9/29/21, 10/24/21

FAFSA presentation 11/11/ 2020

Career Planning: Career Profile Assignment  1/7



Relationship Skills 9/15/21

Mental Health Matters: Breaking the Stigma 9/22/21

How to stay organized with online learning 10/6/21

One Minute mindful activities  10/13/21

Understanding stress and how it affects your body 11/3/21

Managing Stress and Anxiety Technique 1: Journaling  11/10/2021

Managing Stress and Anxiety Technique 2: Breathing  11/17/2021

Managing Stress and Anxiety Technique 3: Visual Imagery  12/3/2021

Managing Stress and Anxiety Technique 4: Movement Therapy 12/10/2021

Managing Stress and Anxiety Technique 5: Color Therapy 12/17/2021

Body Image: Understanding Self- Image and it's importance 1/13

Body Image: Your unique-self 1/20

Body Image: Self-esteem 1/27

Body Image: How Social Media Effects Teen's Mental Health 2/10

Body Image: How to improve your body image  2/17

Body Image: Steps to a Healthy Body Image: Journal Activities 2/24

Return after COVID shut-down: Return to School Tips 3/3

Return after COVID shut-down: Okay to Say Tips  3/10

Return after COVID shut-down: Staying healhty while adjusting to "new norms" 3/17

Return after COVID shut-down: Staying positive during this time 3/24

Health: The Truth about E- Cigarettes 3/31

Health: Coping with Uncertainty During Coronavirus 4/14

Health: SAT Test Prep 4/21

Tips on how to get more sleep Part 1 5/12

Tips on how to get more sleep Part 2  5/19